Changing a remote’s URL


git remote -v
# View existing remotes
# origin (fetch)
# origin (push)

git remote set-url origin
# Change the 'origin' remote's URL

git remote -v
# Verify new remote URL
# origin (fetch)
# origin (push)

SVN incoming edit / delete upon merge

  1. Sometimes when merging in svn, a file has been edited / deleted in both locations. To resolve:
  2. May look something like:
    user@boxname:/opt/repo/deploy$ svn status
    M .
    ? target
    ! C deploy
    > local delete, incoming edit upon merge
    ! C
    > local delete, incoming delete upon merge
    D xxx.yml
    > local add, incoming add upon merge
  3. To resolve, execute for each line:
    $ svn resolve --accept working ${filename}
  4. EX:
    $ svn resolve --accept working deploy
    $ svn resolve --accept working
    $ svn resolve --accept working