Enable debug logging in OSX

So I wanted to increase my logging while attempting to setup LDAP auth in OSX.

HOWTO: Edit /etc/syslog.conf & add
*.*     /var/log/debug.log

cmosx01:~ cmuser$ vi /etc/syslog.conf

*.*                     /var/log/debug.log

Now you can tail -f /var/log/debug.log & see what’s going on.

cmosx01:~ cmuser$ tail -f /var/log/debug.log 
Jun 20 13:33:22 cmosx01 sshd[9043]: USER_PROCESS: 9045 ttys001
Jun 20 13:33:32 cmosx01 su[9051]: in pam_sm_authenticate(): authentication failed
Jun 20 13:33:34 cmosx01 su[9051]: in pam_sm_authenticate(): OpenDirectory - The authtok is incorrect.
Jun 20 13:33:34 cmosx01 su[9051]: BAD SU user to root on /dev/ttys001
Jun 20 13:34:45 cmosx01 launchproxy[9053]: /usr/libexec/sshd-keygen-wrapper: Connection from: on port: 50189
Jun 20 13:34:45 cmosx01 sshd[9055]: Connection closed by